Waking up with soft eyeliner is perfect especially if you don’t wear much makeup daily but your eyeliner is always making your eyes pop. Also not having to worry about having your eyeliner run or smudge through the day and it’s one less thing you need to do in the morning.

Just wake up with makeup.

Even though it’s a delicate area to have tattooing, the sensation is quite mild and feels like a scratching sensation. Only a tiny bit of bruising and minor swelling occurs.

Depending on the shape of your eyes and the skin texture we will recommend which style of eyeliner tattoo is best suited.

Baby Eyeliner

It’s a lash liner with a tiny tail like a very thin eyeliner, perfect for those who want a subtle frame that makes the eyes longer.

Classic Eyeliner

This is the most popular size, it’s thick enough to substitute the makeup effect. The tail style or flick will be customized to your taste and eye shape.

Soft Eyeliner

Soft Eyeliner creates a smudge eyeliner look. This is perfect for a client that likes to wear a bolder eye make up which accentuates the eyes.