Results last anywhere between 12-24 months. The longevity of results depends on the individual and lifestyle factors such as how well you follow aftercare instructions, exposure to the sun, exercise and skin type.

No not for everyone. We will assess your skin type and let you know at your consultation if this maybe required and book you in 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. Most clients like to refresh their cosmetic tattooing after 12-18 months. Some not at all as the tattooing has stayed well.

Most clients book the consultation and treatment together but I do offer free 15 minute consultations in case you require more information about the treatment before you make a booking.

All bookings can be made by the contact us page or by phone.
Email responses are responded within 24hours.

Yes. All cosmetic tattoo procedures require a $100 deposit to secure your booking. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy that applies. If we are notified before 48 hours, we can reschedule your appointment. However, if you cancel or and fail to provide 48 hours notice, your deposit will be forfeited.

We can easily recommend which style of tattooing will suit your skin, face shape and brow. We give our expert advice on the perfect shade that will compliment your skin tone and or hair colour.

Not as much as you think. We use high grade numbing gels so you only feel minimal discomfort.

It’s not necessary to take time off work. Generally there is just a small amount of redness. Most clients carry on with their day as usual.

The pigments are the most stable pigments in the world and are absolutely safe to use.  They don’t contain harmful heavy metals and don’t change colour.

Yes. We have many clients with little or no hair and are able to give them natural looking brows and eyeliner to help enhance their features.

This method creates very fine strokes that mimic real hair. It will not look anything like the old-fashioned block-style tattoo. After the healing process the colour will fade 20-40% depending on your skin.

Initially, the eyebrows will look a bit darker than you expect. But this is just for the first week, while the skin is healing. Also, you are used to looking at yourself with very pale or fine eyebrows, and this treatment will change that. After the first week you’ll notice that your brows are fading to become the desired colour.

There is 2 hour free parking at the Manly National council carpark in Central Avenue. Exit the carpark at Short Street Plaza.

Step 1: 1 hour after the treatment: Wipe your brows gently with 1 damp cotton round.
Step 2: After wiping with cotton pad, apply a thing layer of Aftercare Balm gently with a cotton bud onto the tattoo.
Repeat these steps (1 + 2)  – 4 more times today, until you go to bed.

Do not touch tattoo with fingers & keep hair off face and tattoo.
Avoid water on your brows for 7 days
When washing your hair or cleansing your face don’t get water on brows.
No sweating for 7 days
Sweating leads to the tattoo being compromised and this will effect the healing and the staying power of the tattoo.
Facials, swimming, exercise, sauna and sunbathing (uv exposure) should also be avoided for this 7 days. Light exercise like walking or gentle yoga is ok, permitting you don’t sweat.

Its usually about 6 weeks, but we do have a cancellation list.

Yes we have male and female clients.

Immediately after eyeliner tattoo, the skin will be slightly swollen, the swelling will subside within 24 hours. It will look like a thicker eyeliner. The eyeliner will be quite an intense colour with a wet look finish. It will also look much thicker than the desired result due to the swelling. The swelling will subside within a few hours.

Your lips will be quite bright in colour and slightly Swollen. Swelling will only last for the first few hours and a small percentage of clients experience minor bruising. It generally takes 4-6 weeks for a lip tattoo to completely heal.